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Simon Says

September 22, 2021.

Pastor John Tiernan lead chapel today with a unique game of "Simon Says!" We discussed what it means to imitate! and realized that we learned to talk by imitating our parents! We are supposed to imitate God, or God's Son, Jesus.

In Ephesians, we're told to walk in LOVE like Jesus! We have the Word of God to teach us what to imitate, but we also have living examples in our lives. Paul said you can imitate him because he imitated Jesus. We can also imitate those in our lives who imitate Jesus.

Students shared about people in their lives who they see imitate Jesus and therefor they can imitate those people:

"My mom, she is kind to people."

"My mom, she reads her Bible."

"My classmate is nice and helpful."

Two things to think about with your student:

**Thank those around you for imitating Jesus.

**Think of a specific way you want to imitate Jesus TODAY?

Mrs. Duffrin, Executive Operations Assistant


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