Meet Our Staff

We have an accomplished teaching staff at Leadership Christian Academy.  They represent many backgrounds and talents to form a first-class team ready to challenge, teach, lead and love the students at our Academy.  LCA’s Kindergarten through 8th Grade full-time instructors all have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, but teaching certifications, Master’s Degrees and areas of specialization are represented across the staff.  The entire staff and administration have formed deep bonds as they fulfill their calling in Christian education, work side-by-side daily and have walked through the accreditation process together which will be complete in the next 18-24 months.  It’s a winning team that partners with our parents in helping students to deepen their walk with the Lord and to lead others.  Please click on the photos to read the staff bios!

Mrs. Kent
Pre-K & Kindergarten
Mrs White pic.JPG
Mrs. White
Middle School
Mrs. Duffrin
Dyslexia Tutor & Reading Aide
Mrs. Spicher
1st & 2nd Grade
Mrs. Allen
Middle School
Mrs. Reinbold
Music Instructor
Mr Shatto.jpg
Mr. Shatto
Head of School
Mrs. Nye
3rd & 4th Grade
Mrs. Puharic
Pre-K/Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Nuber
Art Instructor
Tour the School!

We could not be more proud of the 30,000 square feet that LCA has the privilege to call home.  We believe that the "environment" really does make a difference in the learning process.  That environment first and foremost rests with the faith, grace and love of an experienced teaching staff and students who are being led to live out their commitment to the Lord.  Then you can move into the halls and the classrooms themselves to be inspired.  We are blessed to have it all...our staff, our students and our facility.  With stop lights, walkways, ships and trees, very large classroom square footage for limited numbers of students and space to do just about anything we want, LCA facilities inspire us all to raise up this generation of Godly leaders.  If you did not already go on a tour with Bianca when visiting our homepage, click below to check out our campus!