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September 27, 2023

The Academy student body gathered around the flag pole this morning, joining many students in our nation for prayer about our world, country, state and schools.

Each one of these students has the ability to impact their spheres of influence for the Kingdom. Prayer changes hearts and communities.

I'm so grateful to be in a school community who's heartbeat is to love the Lord and raise up this generation of GODLY leaders for His glory!

Mrs. Duffrin

September 26, 2023

Today, our first grade students worked on their landforms research and modeling. They are LOVING it!

Mrs. Spicher, 1st Grade Teacher & Lead Teacher

September 22, 2023

During these first few weeks of school the Academy’s Pre-K students have been learning so much while working with and making new friends, creating great memories, and enjoying so much hands-on-education!

Today in Science, we learned about the sea and the different fishes and sea animals that live in it. Then we tried to catch a few while fishing during water play! Last week, when learning about insects, we searched for crawling insects in the sand! Also, the second week of school I took all of the children’s height so we can see how much they will have grown by the end of the year!

Mrs. Nelson

Pre-K Teacher

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