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Feel Free

March 1, 2023

This morning, Mrs. Nye led chapel and shared about this month's virtue, obedience. She shared how sin makes us feel stuck, but how prayer and obedience makes us FEEL FREE!

We watched a video that reminded us that there is nothing we need to do that is made better by complaining. The hula hoop is where God keeps us safe. We are tempted to step outside of the hoop, Gods protection/the circle of blessing. Things tempt us, but it’s not God's best for us and when we disobey there are sometimes consequences to that.

Students talked in small groups about someone in the Bible who disobeyed and complained. Many named Jonah. He did NOT want to go to Nineveh even though God was calling him to go and share there. He complained and disobeyed. That did not work out well for him. You could say he stepped outside the hula hoop! What is God calling YOU to that you are grumbling or complaining about?

Challenge: do not grumble or complain today!

~ Mrs. Duffrin


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