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Silver Chair Art

May 7, 2021. LCA's Middle School walks out the "arts in education" concept as coursework throughout the areas of academic study include art projects to reinforce and creatively impact learning.

This year, in the Middle School literature classes, the students have read the Chronicles of Narnia. With a differentiated learning approach, this included teams based on the characters, physical education games related to the books, writing, presenting, and of course artwork.

Mrs. Allen, "CONGRATULATIONS to Samantha on winning the Silver Chair cover contest and our runners up. Great job everyone!"

"...researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, argue that instruction becomes more effective when educators integrate creative activities and make them central to academic development. Across disciplines, including STEM, there’s room to reimagine classes with a strong emphasis on drawing, painting, playing music, performing drama, and other creative pursuits. Encouraging students to use their imagination can help them actively engage with new concepts and discover connections between ideas as well as provide advantages for their social and emotional well-being."


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