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Just Ask 2021

October 16, 2021

Leadership Christian Academy has just one fundraiser each year and it starts in the Fall with a campaign-ending celebration at the Thanksgiving Chapel. Our Just Ask campaign is based on Matthew 7:7-8. "Ask and it shall be given you." Many fundraisers require supporters to purchase goods they don't necessarily need or want while the charitable organization receives only a small portion of the proceeds. LCA's Just Ask Campaign receives 100% of every gift given and every donation goes directly to the Academy and the students. Although the concentration of gifts are collected in the Fall, the Just Ask campaign accepts donations throughout the year!

This post comes from an LCA parent and shares how her children/students are 100% part of the process of raising their family's $500!

Just wanted to share what the kids are doing to raise money for their Just Ask donations! They are having a blast meeting new people and asking for donations! They set up a Lemonade stand outside of our home last weekend and this weekend at two different store locations in Erie!! While learning how to work with people and how to properly ask for a donation they are also learning business skills! I have helped with ideas, but the kids have pretty much thought of everything themselves! So proud!


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