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Get Up & Walk

September 8, 2021. Mr. Landis "brought it" today at Chapel.

"Do I make choices that reflect Christ in me? What does it mean to imitate? Somebody who does the same thing as somebody else.

Jesus' disciples imitated him, wrote things down and followed Him. They got to see Jesus feed crowds and perform miracles. Some friends who heard that Jesus was preaching from a home, carried their sick friend all the way to where Jesus was teaching. The crowd was so thick that they had to take their friend to the roof, tear a hole and lower the friend into the home. When Jesus saw the belief they had He healed the friend and told him to walk. Later, two of the disciples (Peter and John) were traveling and saw a man who could not walk. Peter said "what I have I will give you, get up and walk." These disciples imitated Jesus." Mrs. Duffrin, Executive Operations Assistant

September's verse: Ephesians 5:1


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