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4th Grade Trip

April 21, 2023

4th Grade Trip Journal from Mrs. Nye

April 19

We are almost to the Capitol Building! We have been taking turns sharing our biography reports that we have been researching. So far, we’ve learned about Milton Hershy, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross and William Penn!

We made it to the Capitol Building! Let the tour begin!

April 20

Fourth grade got up at the crack of dawn and had an amazing breakfast! We just arrived in Philadelphia and are now at the United States Mint. 💰💲💵

We’re on the move! We walked a few blocks to the Benjamin Franklin Museum. We are taking in all of the amazing history here!

Finishing a long day of fun and facts in Philadelphia! We are thankful for the beautiful weather. Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in the background.

See ya later Philly! We are now headed back to our hotel. We saw so many things today! After lunch, we saw the Liberty Bell, went to Christ Church, toured Betsy Ross’ house, went to the Independence Hall, and the Constitutional Hall. 🔔🇺🇸⛪️

April 21

This morning, 4th grade woke up and we got to see a hot air balloon above the hotel. We discovered a petting zoo at the hotel, which we went to after breakfast. After that, we headed out to the Amish experience and sat in a one room school house. We are currently on a bus tour!

That’s a wrap! We just got on the bus for the ride home! Thank you to all of the amazing parent chaperones that came on the trip with us! 🚍🚍🇺🇸🔔💲⛪️😎


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