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Academy Valedictorian 2020

At the parade last week for our 8th grade graduates, one student's sign read a little differently than the rest. Jayla Duffrin was LCA's Class Valedictorian for 2020! Congratulations, Jayla! We are so proud of you, and we wish you all the best as you move forward in the life God has called you to! "Jayla is a very driven and self motivated student who has always been focused on growing herself. She is helpful to others and Is a light in the classroom. She is very talented in the arts and is always working hard to improve." - Mrs. White "Jayla has been an absolutely perfect addition to our student government. It has been such a joy working with her and watching her grow. She brought so many innovative ideas to the group and plans to follow through on those ideas. I really appreciated her positive attitude at all of our meetings and her willingness to listen and learn from her peers. She is a great example of leadership with integrity. I'm so proud of her!" - Mrs. Sanford "Jayla has a beautiful heart for God and people. She has worked hard and diligently each and every year no matter the circumstance or challenge. She added thoughtful comments and insight into our discussions that would push us forward and into new areas of understanding. She will do great things! Congratulations, Jayla!" - Mrs. Allen

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