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7th & 8th Grade History Trip

What an unforgettable experience for each and every Academy student. Memories for a lifetime are created at LCA.

Note from Holly Flick, parent chaperone: It was truly an honor to accompany our 7/8th graders on their trip to Gettysburg and our nation's Capitol! Each one was respectful, engaging, inquisitive, fun and TIRED....but persevered! Parents, you should be proud to know that they handled themselves appropriately, showed kindness to others, and represented LCA and the love of Christ well! Mr. Shatto and Mrs. Duffrin set the tone for a good balance of fun and respect, and they cared for your children in the most beautiful and professional way. And, to the other parent chaperones: Mr Bowers, Mr. Miraczek, and Mr. Mc Millan....thank you for shepherding our whole group and always sweeping every location to be sure no one was left behind. 😊

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