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Exciting Economics & Entrepreneurship

Mrs. Sanford's Pre-K/Kindergarten class is participating in a project-based learning experience this month for their economics unit! They are learning about entrepreneurship by starting and operating their very own business. Starting today through March 15 the students' "store" will be open each morning in front of their classroom to sell their products before school begins. Any profit made from the store will be reinvested into the classroom: The students will be able to buy a book or activity chosen by the class. They will also donate a portion of their profits to the Eyeglass Ministry because we believe that it's important to teach the students that a portion of our income should go to serving the Lord. The store is open to all LCA students and visitors. What a fun way to teach students about running a business, supply, demand, inventory, marketing, money management, surplus and so much more! We are raising up THIS generation of God's leaders!

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