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Teacher Appreciation Week

What a week it has been at LCA! Teacher Appreciation Week is a really big deal around here. What the staff at LCA does for the students is beyond the call of duty in academics, spiritual growth, leadership and love. LCA parents go overboard every year to bring in breakfast every morning, host a special and really fun recognition chapel and then end the week with a luncheon and gifts! This year, the theme is "Our teachers have the recipe for success!" Everything this week has had to do with cooking and today's chapel was no exception. Teachers were paraded in, presented with aprons personalized by the students and then surprised with an opportunity for "LCA Teacher Cake Wars!" They had 12 minutes to completely design a cake and then the student body voted on best design! Congrats to Mrs. White and Mrs. Duffrin on their winning Pac-Man design! Best part...the students got to eat the cakes after lunch!

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