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4th Grade PA History Trip

Entries from Pastor Diane's social media journal:

Day 1- Our awesome 4th grade students visited the PA State Museum and Capitol, played unlimited games at Chuckie Cheese and ended the day swimming in two pools. School is FUN!

Day 2: Philadelphia – Saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Constitution Hall, Betsy Ross home, Christ Church, Ben Franklin museum, the Mint and a whole lot of fun walking between historical sites! And we still have an Amish dinner and swimming to look forward to!!

Day 3: The Amish Experience: Amish school house and homestead, Jacob's Choice, visiting Reihl farm, Amish family style lunch, and petting workhorses. Heading home playing "Are you smarter than a 4th grader?"

An amazing annual trip for our 4th grade students…truly rich in history, experiences, hands-on learning and memory making.

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