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November 21, 2023

"Third and fourth grade read "Balloons Over Broadway" this week. We then went to the drawing board and designed our own floats! After that, 4th grade went a step further and worked on a stop animation parade on their laptops. We ended our day with a parade through the elementary classrooms!" - Mrs. Nye, 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

"A parade of balloons! What a fun treat!"- Mrs. Yaple, Kindergarten Teacher

November 15, 2023

"We had a very special speaker today in chapel! One of our 8th grade students, Cecilia, asked to lead chapel and did an excellent job sharing about distractions and temptations. What distracts you? Videos? Social media? Video games? Doing things when you were told not to? 1 Corin 15:16 be on your guard…watch for things that temp you. The more you say no to temptations the easier it is to stay away from the things that distract you from the Lord. Be vigilant. Set an example for those around you.

Nice job, Cecilia!" -Mrs. Duffrin

At Leadership Christian Academy, we believe that if the family, Academy, and church work together, we can be a cord of three strands that is not easily broken. Our goal is to allow our students to develop a Christ centered “biblical worldview” and equip them to be God’s leaders, bringing salt and light to their generation.

November 8, 2023

"Mrs. Nelson led chapel today and talked about TEMPTATION!

We need to walk away from what tempts us. Even Jesus was tempted…

The kiddos each got a delicious chocolate chip cookie and had to resist the temptation to eat it….the entire chapel!!!

What a fun visual on really how we need to reflect on how we posture ourselves when we are tempted." Mrs. Duffrin

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