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An Outstanding Life

May 19, 2021. "Mr. Landis shared about living an outstanding life. Today’s message was about Eli and his sons. Eli’s sons did what they wanted and Eli did not stop them. Samuel was young and not a priest, but he ministered to the Lord, he worked for God. He did things that didn’t seem important but they were to God! Samuel heard a voice calling him, he figured it was Eli calling. So he checked and Eli wasn’t even awake! God was calling Samuel, He saw his faithfulness and Samuel’s response was “Here I am, Lord. Speak for your servant hears!” Samuel wasn’t a priest, he wasn’t even a grown up…but God was talking to him. God gave Samuel His words, and he became an important leader. Samuel was OUTSTANDING!" Mrs. Duffrin

S - surrender to the truth

A - acknowledge my role in it

L - line ‘em up! One issue at a time!

A - ask for help



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