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8th Grade Trip

May 15, 2021. None of us knew how interesting 2020 & 2021 would get. We didn't know that there would not be a 4th grade trip for the first time and we didn't know we'd still be dealing with ramifications of COVID one entire year later when it was time for the 8th Grade Trip. Mrs. White, our wonderful and creative middle school instructor put together an entire 8th grade trip right here in Erie, PA!

The students went to historical sites, tourist stops, local favorites and even hosted an overnight event at the Academy. Incredible 8th Grade Trip memories were made that will last a lifetime. What do leaders say when put in a tough spot? They say, "HOW CAN I?" A leader never says, "I can't." Mrs. White led by can we have an amazing 8th Grade Trip? And then she went ahead and made it happen!

Thank you Mrs. White!


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