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Thank you for your generosity!

If you are donating via check, please write your check to Leadership Christian Academy and mail to 5900 Sterrettania Road ~ Fairview, PA  16415.


If you are giving via credit card, please click "Donate" below to be connected to our PayPal account. 

There a few steps to consider in order for LCA to receive 100% of your donation!

      Step 1 -- Use either your PayPal account balance or link directly to your checking or          

      savings account.  Be aware that your credit card donation will incur a processing fee of 3%

      that will detract from your donation.

      Step 2 -- Choose "Friends or Family" when deciding who the payment is for.  If "Goods or

      Services" is marked, then 3% of your donation goes to PayPal and not to LCA.

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